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Complete training on how to launch and successfully run your own laundry and dry cleaning business in Nigeria. It contains materials, videos, and pictures and taught with on-going experience of Laundry business professional in Nigeria.

100% Intensive Online Training.

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Lesson 2: Laundry Basics 1: Laundry & Dry Cleaning Business Training.

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LAUNDERING (LAUNDRY) AND DRY CLEANING Laundry Basic Difference: Both Laundry washing and dry cleaning are targeted at removing stains. However, as the very names suggest, laundering involves conventional cleaning of clothes with water, detergent, and softener, while dry cleaning refers to cleaning using solvent without the use of…

Lesson 1: Laundry & Dry Cleaning Business Training: Table of Contents.

  Table of Contents Laundry basics 1: Difference between laundering and drycleaning and Process. About washing machines: Types and features About clothes dryerStarting: small, medium or big AND items needed at each level Laundry Basics 2: How to Sort ClothesSorting Clothes by ColorSorting by weightSorting by the type and extent…